Yes, yes, and a bit more yes please

Well, I’m not at work, today, again.  It’s getting a bit old now, if I’m honest.

If I were going to work today, the journey would involve a walk along a canal and through the Somerset countryside.  And of course, I have a playlist for that.

The very first song I listen to most weekday mornings is “Yes-yes-yes” by Off Course (オフコース).

This band was a particularly welcome find.  Since switching all of my iPod music over to Japanese music in July, I had been listening to an awful lot of upbeat pop music.

Off Course are like the Japanese version of…hmm…Crosby, Stills and Nash?  Seals and Crofts?  But from the 80s?  Something like that.  They fill the void in my life where all the 1970s folk-rock used to be.  Love it.

As of now, there is just one line in the song that I think I have a handle on the meaning of:


Ignoring the heck out of Google-crazy-translate (“It’s nice you now”?  That’s not English!!), my translation (Jess-lation?) is, “Now, you’re lovely/great/awesome, like totally for sure.”  I’ve taken some creative license there.  Anyway, I’m hanging onto that tiny scrap of meaning as I enjoy the rest of the song.

Oh by the way, their greatest hits album is for sale on mp3. I get really excited when I can get good music legally for a reasonable price.  Lots of other gems on that album.  Like this one, called “Yes-No.”  (Yes, there’s a song called “Yes-yes-yes” and another one called “Yes-No” and the rest of the titles are pretty much in Japanese, and I think that’s hilarious.)


4 thoughts on “Yes, yes, and a bit more yes please

  1. Western OFF COURSE fans, yes! My mom introduced me to them a few years back, with memories of her time spent in Japan around the late 80s. I like their style of soft rock, as well as Kasumasa Oda’s vocals.

    Too bad UK Amazon doesn’t allow MP3 downloads here in the states 😛 But a physical import is fine too.

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