Music speaks louder than words – おぼくりええうみ (Obokuri Eeumi)

There is some music that just makes me stop everything and listen to it.  Like, not just stop everything, but stop and reconsider everything.  And then really deep thoughts start happening, and I feel lost and confused but also somehow wonderful.

Okay, I’m not explaining this very well, so just listen to this:

This song was featured in Samurai Champloo (which I’m a little bit obsessed with – do you want to make something of it?!?!) in a scene where, not wanting to give any spoilers, some intense stuff happens.  I have been re-watching the entire show on DVD in Japanese with the English subtitles turned off.  I don’t speak Japanese (at least, not yet!) so I just sort of have to remember the dialogue from the English version, and my memory’s not that great, so some of it involves just looking at the nice animation and spacing out.

Then that song happens and it’s apparently in a dialect which I probably wouldn’t understand even if I did speak Japanese (more about that here, thanks to Ai No Ko).  Perhaps it speaks to me even more because of my complete lack of understanding of the words.  The music can then go straight to my heart and squeeze it until it cries.  (Poor heart!)

(Also the piano arrangement is wonderful.  The music theory side of my brain wants to spend an afternoon taking that s**t apart and putting it back together!)

Anyway, I’m off to listen to something a bit more cheerful now.  Maybe this.

(Actually, maybe not.)


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