Jugoya (十五夜) – Japanese Moon-Viewing Festival

I take a look at the news in Japanese each morning. (From this site.)

As with newspapers in English, I focus on the comic strips.  Which is how I found out that today is special (Thanks, ひなちゃん!).  Today is the 15th day of the 8th month on the Japanese lunar calendar.  It’s a full moon, and a day when offerings are made to the moon.  The offerings look like this:

tsukimi,moon-viewing-party,dumpling & chestnut...

tsukimi,moon-viewing-party,dumpling & chestnut & taro & Japanese pampas grass,japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unfortunately, most of the information about this day is in Japanese, so me trying to find out what it’s all about is a bit like someone trying to find out about American Thanksgiving by looking at those construction-paper turkeys you make by tracing your fingers and watching some football.  There is, however, quite a nice article with lots of pictures at Taste of Japan.

(I should take the opportunity to point out that although Japanese people see a rabbit on the moon, I still can’t see it.)


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