Japanese Podcasts Outside Japan

Some of you are going to be like, yeah, Japanese podcasts, that’s old news – we’ve been on top of that for years, where’ve you been?

But probably, some others of you are like, あれ? What are these Japanese podcasts you speak of?  Is it really possible/legal to get real Japanese audio/video for free even though I live in America/Britain/Lithuania/[insert your country here]?

Folks, sit back whilst I lay down some knowledge.

In 2008, Tofugu ran this article about how to get Japanese podcasts on iTunes, even if you’re not in Japan.  Well, in 2012, several iterations of iTunes later, it still works.  The basic principle is still the same – it just looks a little different.  Here’s what you do:

Step 0: Get iTunes.  Since these days you cannot ride the London Underground during rush hour without seeing at least 157 pairs of white headphones, odds are you use this already.  (For the 5 of you who don’t, download it here.)

Step 1: In iTunes, click on “iTunes Store” on the left-hand side of the iTunes window.

Step 2: At the very bottom of the main window (scroll aaaaall the way down), you’ll see this:

Click the round flag in the lower right-hand corner.  (Obviously, your flag may vary.)  This allows you to change the country of your iTunes store.

Step 3: In the next screen, scroll down to find Japan and click it.  (In case you weren’t paying attention in geography, it’s under “Asia Pacific”.)

Step 4: Now iTunes thinks you are in Japan.  If your OS is in English, however, the menus will all stay in English so it shouldn’t be too difficult to navigate.

Step 5: Click “Podcasts“.  Unlike the music and videos, podcasts are free and therefore do not require a Japanese credit card or Japanese iTunes gift card.

And there you have it!  There’s quite a lot of stuff there, and the titles are in Japanese, so it can be a bit overwhelming.  Next time I’ll talk about my favourites (oh, and I do have favourites!)


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