MINMI’s Perfect Vision is Perfect (Even Though It Isn’t)

I’m obsessed with another J-Pop song, this time by J-Reggae (Jeggae?) artist MINMI:

The Perfect Vision – MINMI

Last week I googled the lyrics, as it sounded like there was a bit in English but I couldn’t quite make it out.  Actually, a surprising amount of it is in English, which you may or may not have been able to recognise.  This is the first section:

Tell me how is life treating you baby you’re stuck in there wasting time so long.
Let me show the way to better another day.
All you got to do is take a hit and bump your head to the sound around.
You’re gonna feel all right like dancing all, tonight.

Hmmm….and she definitely says “all light” instead of “all right” which took me a while to get the hang of.  Later on, this happens:

EASYに 歌って WE FEEL BEAT 気が乗るも乗らないも
試しにとってくRHYTHM 気も弾むさ 踏み出すSTEP
扉開き 瞬く時間へ!

I don’t understand the Japanese bits because I haven’t looked them up.  But I don’t understand what “we can be top of lady” means either.  And some of the other English words don’t sound like English words in the song.

But, like, who cares?  This song’s awesome.  And now it’s even more awesome, because if it’s so awesome and the English bits only kinda sorta make sense, then that means that I’m allowed to sing along to Japanese songs in Japanese if I feel like it, without having to stress out about pronouncing every last syllable correctly.  And maybe record some covers of Japanese songs if the desire takes me.  Awesome.


One thought on “MINMI’s Perfect Vision is Perfect (Even Though It Isn’t)

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