Chobits – I Shouldn’t Like This But I Do

When I first got into watching as much anime as I could, I got a free LoveFilm trial (extended version, because I gots family on the inside) and just started picking shows from their (sadly limited) list of shows on DVD.

Chi (Chobits)

Like a person, but with weird ears.

That’s how I learned about Chobits.  I was off work sick for a few days when the first disc came, so I was a captive audience.  Pretty much the first thing that happened was that my husband left the room – he isn’t really into anime unless it involves fighting (and/or Pikachu).

The next thing that happened was the theme song:

…and then I was suddenly a Round Table ft. Nino fan.

So, now to the show itself.  Here’s where we get into…shall we say, socio-ethically-suspect territory.  The basic premise is that Hideki Motosuwa, a sheltered teenage boy from the countryside, moves to Tokyo, where everyone has a “persocom” (personal computer), only instead of being machines that sit on a desktop, they are shaped like people and walk around and talk and do everything.  The only thing that distinguishes them from people are their weird ears.

So our hero Hideki immediately wants one but can’t afford it.  However, he manages to find a broken one in the trash and takes it home.  Hideki’s persocom is both exceptionally cute and exceptionally stupid.  The only word she can say is “Chi”, and she is therefore completely helpless.

But…she’s…so…cute (the feminist in me is saying this through gritted teeth).

Of course, it’s totally unacceptable.  Pathetic stupid girl being looked after by a guy because she can’t do anything for herself, only she’s so cute everyone loves her and pats her on the head and tells her she’s a good girl.  It’s sickening.

It’s also hi-larious.  You kinda forget how appalling it is because it’s actually a really fun, lighthearted show.  Totally necessary after watching two complete seasons of Ghost in the Shell.  And as an added bonus, the robot is so stupid that she needs really basic things spelled out for her slowly.  Well, in Japanese, I’m that stupid too!  It’s very helpful.

Sadly, LoveFilm never sent me another disc.  Fortunately, I got the box set for my last birthday.   It is now definitely one of my favourites, even though that makes me a horrible, horrible person.


3 thoughts on “Chobits – I Shouldn’t Like This But I Do

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