I Went To HYPER JAPAN 2012 and Now I’m Unemployed

..hee hee.  Perhaps I’ve been reading too many blog posts about how blog titles have to be interesting.  I’m not sure the two clauses in this particular title exactly share a cause/effect relationship, but both are true.

Flag of Japan (bordered)

So let’s start with Hyper Japan.  I’d never been to a J-culture event before (and this is the UK’s biggest, according to their website), but when I got interested in Japan over the summer I immediately made plans to attend.  I even booked my train fare early enough in advance to avoid spending £200 to get from Somerset to London (I know.  Seriously.  200-freaking-quid?  You could go to France and stay in France for a while for that kind of money!  Trains in this country are out of control!!). I found a friend willing to put me up for the weekend and then spent all day Saturday at the event at Earls Court.

It was just.  So.  Much.  Fun.  I did loads.  A nice man taught me the basics of Go, I did some calligraphy, and I looked at all of the amazing, you know, stuff.  People walking around in blue wigs with fake katanas.  And even though I was there by myself, I talked to people.  I had a chat with a girl about the weird flavours of ice cream (I had green tea, she had black sesame), I got friendly with the people next to me in the saké-tasting (we were all a bit tipsy by then anyway) and even hung out for a while with some people I met in the queue for the cash-point.  Oh, and also this happened:

I must have been standing right next to the guy filming this.  (It was a bit of a “WTF?!?” moment for me – check out the guys in the audience that start dancing to “Danjo”.)

So, that was all fine and good. I wore myself out and spent lots of money and generally had an amazing time.

Then I came back.  It was weird.  I was completely relaxed after my time off and journey “out”, ready to put the nose back to the old grindstone.

I lasted about six hours.

It was just…I dunno, I guess I realised that there is more to the world than my office job that has been making me ill for a long time now.  I had decided to stick with it anyway and just put up with it (I was feeling that way particularly when I wrote this article), but after being out and talking to random people and having a good time, I began to feel like the world really was quite a nice place after all, and that maybe I could do better.

So I thought about it a few days, and then I handed in my notice.  Soon the next chapter begins.


2 thoughts on “I Went To HYPER JAPAN 2012 and Now I’m Unemployed

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