Video Post #1: Ningyo Hime (Chobits)

Well, I finally went and freakin’ did it.  I sang a song in Japanese – Ningyo Hime (にんぎょ姫), the second ending song from Chobits.

In hindsight, it was inevitable, really. Since July I’ve been doing the All-Japanese-All-The-Time, as-much-immersion-as-possible, do-your-life-in-Japanese thing.  That meant listening to the same J-pop songs over and over again, and then over and over again some more.  But the musician in me can’t do that without wanting to get involved – hence the video above.

I’d been meaning to do this for a while now, but I always had something to stop me – mostly that my Japanese isn’t good enough (not that the reverse ever stops Japanese artists from throwing in a bit of English).  Well, tonight the spare room was free and I just went for it.

Oh, and now you know what I look like.  🙂  Hopefully more to come.


One thought on “Video Post #1: Ningyo Hime (Chobits)

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