Video Post #2: Eufonius マルメロ

So, a while back I think I said I would be making more videos…at least, that sounds like something I’d be likely to say.

Well, that was about a month ago now, but I haven’t forgotten.  I’ve been quite busy with Christmas and Christmas shopping and Christmas travel, and then generally with life-falling-apart things…wow, that’s a bit overly dramatic.  Let’s just say I’ve been busy.

But I did a lot of recording this week.  (Hurray me.)  This is the first video, a cover of マルメロ (Marumero) by Eufonius.  I absolutely love them, and I recommend that you go buy all of their albums (two are available on for download).

And then I thought wouldn’t it be fun to record myself talking a bunch of nonsense about the song? Well, here it is. (I sound all American.)

Thanks for watching!


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