5 Awesome Reasons to Re-watch Ghost in the Shell

It’s been in the news recently because they’re making another movie. I haven’t even seen the previous movie – I cancelled my LoveFilm account before I could get around to it, mostly because they wouldn’t send me the next disc of Chobits.

Meanwhile, there are two very excellent anime series with the same title that I own and am now watching with my husband for the second time.  I bought the first series on a whim, as I wanted something in Japanese and it was cheap on Amazon.  It was so good that I asked for (and received) the 2nd series as a birthday present.  I think my husband loves them more than I do, and I like them a lot!  Despite the dark mood, sometimes incomprehensible plot lines and somewhat gratuitous violence, this is why I love them:

1. Tachikomas

Once upon a time, someone decided that a high-spec tank should be electric blue and have the voice and inquisitive nature of a precocious six-year-old.  Well, that was a glorious day, because now we live in a world with Tachikomas.  Not real ones – okay, well, sort of [video].  I love them because they’re so mouthy.  They talk back and get into trouble.  They have hijinks.  And they have their own sketch at the end of every episode. (タチコマな日々;Tachikomatic Days).  I love them so much it hurts.

2. Motoko’s slutty outfits

The leader of Public Security Section 9 is a woman cyborg that we’re all supposed to take seriously because she’s so good at her job and commands so much respect from her team…yet she walks around in this sort of little number:

Seen here jumping off a building. She does that a lot.

You just never know what ridiculous thing she’ll have on next.  It is immensely entertaining.

3. Togusa gets sent out by himself and immediately gets into trouble – again


In a team of cyborgs, Togusa is the only member that has a fully human, non-prosthetic body.  So what do they do?  They send him into dangerous situations alone, with only his gun and his mullet, and maybe an easily-distracted Tachikoma to abandon him halfway through.  It’s a bit like sending the hot blonde to check out the suspicious noise in the horror movie – it can only end one way.

4. Yoko Kanno

Remember Cowboy Bebop?  Remember how awesome the musical score was? Yep, same composer.  The 2nd series is a bit more jazz-influenced than the first. Both soundtracks are amazing.  Inexplicably, however, the opening songs are in Russian.  Which makes singing along difficult.  (We make a good go at it anyway.)

5. Wondering what Borma’s story is

Miscellaneous cyborg guy Borma.

In the first series, there are a few characters that you never really find out about – Paz, Saito, and Borma.  Well, in the 2nd series, Paz gets his own episode and actually changes his facial expression during it.  Then Saito gets an episode.  Then, just when you think Borma will get an episode…Saito gets another episode.  Who is Borma really?  What’s going on behind those creepy prosthetic eyes?  What skeletons lie in his closet?  I can only wonder.

And there you go – honestly, you should probably just buy the DVDs so you can watch them over and over.  But not in English – Lord no.  The menus have some English dialogue in them and it is a train wreck, I kid you not.  Watch them in Japanese with subtitles – you’ve been warned.


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