Music I Cannot Live Without: “Love Logic” – Minuano

It’s snowing for the second time in a week and Somerset is going into panic mode, again.  Invest in a snow plow or even just some grit for the roads, seriously!

Meanwhile, I grew up in Chicago and don’t drive here, so this isn’t really affecting me that much.  Also, I am listening to some music by a Brazilian-influenced Japanese band called Minuano.

According to Wikipedia, “The Minuano is a cold wind that blows in the South of Brazil and in Uruguay.”  However, listening to their album “Love Logic” is more like being in Brazil now, at the height of summer, maybe with a cold drink (Guaraná Antarctica FTW!) in my hand as I watch the waves play on Ipanema Beach.

I was fortunate enough to discover this band at Christmas, when I was gifted $30 in iTunes vouchers and loaded up on Japanese music.  I got really into Lamp as well – they share the same lead singer.  Her voice is marvellous, light and airy but without the “cuteness” of, let’s face it, most Japanese female vocalists.

As good things are for sharing, here are their details:

Minuano Myspace
Minuano Facebook
Minuano “Love Logic” iTunes (US)


2 thoughts on “Music I Cannot Live Without: “Love Logic” – Minuano

  1. This is amazing, and you’re an awesome person for sharing this. Though, I’m more of a fan of curling up with smooth jazz like this on freezing cold days, with a steaming mug of tea. So I can’t say I share your sunny sentiments there xD

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