Video Post #4: 哀しいくらい (Kanashii kurai)

I took a little break from recording videos.  However, before that hiatus, I uploaded this video:

This is one of my favourite Off Course songs.  The original recording reminds me a little bit of “Eye in the Sky” by Alan Parsons Project.

I couldn’t find an English translation for the lyrics, but my Japanese teacher was kind enough to go over them with me in our most recent lesson.  It is sung from the perspective of a man (I never let that sort of thing stop me) who has been emotionally damaged in the past through failed loves.  He is sad – he wants to get with the girl he is singing to, but he is afraid that he’ll get hurt again.  Meanwhile she (he tells her in the second verse) doesn’t want to take any risks either, as long as she can say everything is okay at the moment.

In the chorus he says that he cannot see a tomorrow coming that works out well, so he hopes the dawn never comes.  And that he is sad because he loves her.  And that she should open her mind/heart to him.  At the end he tells her to lift up her face and close her eyes (I think they probably kiss, but my Japanese teacher didn’t want to speculate on what may or may not have happened afterwards).

So it probably ends okay.  I love Japanese songs – they’re so emotional.

Also here’s a live version from the 80s.

I think I will be making more videos soon. I keep trying to tell myself to be more serious, sing songs in English, try to get an agent, a job, a mortgage, a haircut. Hasn’t worked yet, so I’ll just keep making more videos. 🙂


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