Experiments with Matcha

English: Matcha Tea or green tea powder

Matcha Tea or green tea powder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone interested in Japan has probably, at some point, come across matcha, the green tea powder that seems to get used in sweets quite often.

In case you haven’t, it is very green and VERY caffeinated…actually, on second thought, maybe it isn’t that strong, but I am certainly affected by it more than coffee.  Even if it’s in sweets, it gives me a serious buzz.  The last time I was in London I went to Japan Centre and had a piece of mochi that was covered in it…next thing I knew I was sitting on the Bakerloo Line, tripping out.

So I bought some.  After all, it is technically legal.

Yesterday morning I tried to make a latte out of it.  I used about half a teaspoon of matcha (I didn’t want to go too crazy to begin with!) and mixed it with some almond milk I had heated in the microwave.  (We have an espresso steamer wand but I couldn’t really be bothered with it first thing in the morning.)

What I ended up with was sort of  a pale pea-soup colour.  It tasted all right, but it needed sugar – the sugar in the almond milk wasn’t enough.  And I probably should have used more powder (the stuff’s expensive, but oh well).  Also the almond milk separated a bit in the microwave, so by the end there were quite a few green chunks at the bottom of the cup that I stirred up and downed in one.  Appetising, I know.

I plan to do more with my tiny expensive jar of the stuff.  I’ll let you know how I get on.


3 thoughts on “Experiments with Matcha

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  2. I love experimenting with matcha. I love matcha period so anything with it like cakes and baked goods I love. It’s kinda funny because I’m not Japanese yet I love Japanese sweets. Most Japanese people I know actually prefer non Japanese goods, which I think is interesting. They prob think I’m a weirdo Gaijin lol Let me know what you end up doing with it! 😀

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