An Update: Yes, I’m still alive

Hi folks.

I’m still here, but I’m focusing my blogging efforts on my music career now.  If you’ve missed me, this is where to find me.

Also, I’ve released an album of original music under the name 星空.  (Because what good is knowing the kanji if you don’t use them?)  Here it is in its entirety:

See you ’round the internet!


Some things you might not have known about Sailor Moon…

Sailor Moon Was The Gayest Cartoon On Television.

Did you catch this on BuzzFeed?  Brilliant.  I knew about Uranus and Neptune, but the rest was pretty much all new to me.  I really want to get the episodes all in Japanese, but, alas, I have neither the money nor the internet connection to do so.

I finally “get” Perfume

Perfume is an insanely popular Japanese electro-pop trio. So I’d heard of them for ages, but I could never get into their music, it being totally different from what I normally listen to.

Well, I don’t know what happened, but now I get it. I own a bunch of their songs that I bought on iTunes, and their poppy synths and child-like voices are getting me through some tough times.

This may be sort of like my brief Girls Aloud phase, but less embarrassing. (Sorry if any of you are Girls Aloud fans, but let’s face it, they aren’t very good.)

Anyway, this is my current obsession. As with most music videos, I have no idea what’s going on here.

There’s something about anime in the middle of the night

It’s twenty past midnight and I can’t sleep. I haven’t been feeling too well lately, to be perfectly honest. So to make myself feel better, I went to the kitchen and ate some carbohydrates (lovely white bread!!). Then I came back upstairs and watched a few minutes of anime on my iPad.

My understanding of Japanese is still minimal at best, and I didn’t have subtitles. But now the sound of the language is a bit like an old blanket or a teddy bear – comforting, almost in an ineffable way. Anyway, it has made me feel good enough to write this short post on my sadly-neglected blog. Life; I tell ya. Never easy, is it. (I actually wrote something last week and only just found out it never got published, something I still haven’t figured out how to achieve.)

Well, I guess I’m off to attempt to sleep again. おやすみなさい。

Experiments with Matcha

English: Matcha Tea or green tea powder

Matcha Tea or green tea powder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone interested in Japan has probably, at some point, come across matcha, the green tea powder that seems to get used in sweets quite often.

In case you haven’t, it is very green and VERY caffeinated…actually, on second thought, maybe it isn’t that strong, but I am certainly affected by it more than coffee.  Even if it’s in sweets, it gives me a serious buzz.  The last time I was in London I went to Japan Centre and had a piece of mochi that was covered in it…next thing I knew I was sitting on the Bakerloo Line, tripping out.

So I bought some.  After all, it is technically legal.

Yesterday morning I tried to make a latte out of it.  I used about half a teaspoon of matcha (I didn’t want to go too crazy to begin with!) and mixed it with some almond milk I had heated in the microwave.  (We have an espresso steamer wand but I couldn’t really be bothered with it first thing in the morning.)

What I ended up with was sort of  a pale pea-soup colour.  It tasted all right, but it needed sugar – the sugar in the almond milk wasn’t enough.  And I probably should have used more powder (the stuff’s expensive, but oh well).  Also the almond milk separated a bit in the microwave, so by the end there were quite a few green chunks at the bottom of the cup that I stirred up and downed in one.  Appetising, I know.

I plan to do more with my tiny expensive jar of the stuff.  I’ll let you know how I get on.

Kotoba ni dekinai – A really emotional video

Today I’d like to share with you one of my all-time favourite videos:

It is one of my favourites for several reasons.  First of all, I love the band Off Course.  I listen to them a fanatical amount.  And this song, 言葉にできない is one of their most famous.  At any rate, it’s famous enough that I own it twice  (one version by them and another one by Fuyumi Sakamoto.)

But second, just watch what happens when the lead singer, Kazumasa Oda, tries to get the lyrics out.  He can’t do it.  He’s far too emotional.  Which is kind of appropriate, given that the song is a little bit about that.  Anyway, then the audience helps him out.  Which is really touching.  I think this sort of thing is soooo cute.

(This video gives the same sort of feeling I get when I see baby animals.)