Pocky and Mikado are the Same Thing

I tried Pocky for the first time a few months ago. I pretty much had to – those flavour-coated biscuit fingers certainly do get a lot of hype. I’ve even seen Japanese people on TV eating them. So I bought some at HyperJapan (milk chocolate and salt, sort of like a chocolate-covered pretzel).

Mikado (United Kingdom)

Then I found a geeky card shop in Taunton that sells it.  That time I got strawberry.  I gave some to a friend to try.  He said – “This is like Mikado but better.”

Well, then I was at a sleepover (never too old for them, you know) and we got some Mikado from Sainsbury’s.  Guess what?  It’s the same thing, made by the same company (Glico).

That sort of explains that weird advert with the Japanese chick on the photocopier. Sort of.

Anyway, I can’t tell a difference, and it’s cheaper at Sainsbury’s, just with fewer flavours.

Treatise over.


Surprise! It’s in Japanese!


I live in one of the less-cosmopolitan parts of England, so except for the occasional Chinese restaurant, I don’t see any Asian characters, and certainly not Japanese.

So imagine my surprise when, my first time in town after a week of illness, I see this on the window of Lush Taunton! Now I’ve learned a new word, plus my day has been made.

That and the free (I had a voucher) pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks I’m currently enjoying tell me that this could be a great week.